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RPL PROJECTS LTD. specializes in Executive Residential and Multi-family Landscape architecture design. With an East meets West aesthetic, we create a harmonious balance to your outdoor living space that is grand, elegant and refined.


Founder Lu Xu, has achieved Multiple Awards in Canada and internationally. She has an extensive background in Fine Arts training, with both Architecture and Landscape Architecture degree, build up her solid foundation in design by unifying inside- outside living space design philosophy. She also actively served the Adviser Design Panel in First Shaughnessy, University Endowment Lands and West Vancouver municipals.

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Lu Xu  许璐
Principal. Landscape Architect. BCSLA. CSLA 
MLA. (University of British Columbia) 不列颠省大学. 景观硕士
Bachelor of Environmental Design (Center Academy of Fine Arts) 中央美术学院. 环境艺术

2022 - 2024 West Vancouver Design Review Committee 西温设计报批评委会员
2022 - 2024 West Vancouver Heritage Advisor Committee
2021 Wester Canada Top Designers & Architects ( Western Living Magazine) 加拿大西部顶级设计师和建筑师
2021 BC Landscape Awards of Excellence (BCLNA) BC省景观园艺协会最佳景观奖

2017-2021 Vancouver UEL ADP 温哥华UBC大学校区市政设计报批评委会员
2015-2018 Vancouver First Shaughnessy ADP  温哥华第一桑那斯市政设计报批评委会员



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BC Award Winner logo 2021.png

Sandy Guo

Senior Landscape Designer.  BLA

With profound knowledge of construction management, Sandy came from a well known development company. She combined knowledge of landscape design and practical construction together.



Lisa Zhang

Junior Landscape Designer.  BUF

Graduate from Urban Forestry in University of British Columbia. Lisa specialized knowledge for urban ecology, environmental management, and sustainability planning. She contribute her unique perspective to build a balance between human and the environment through design.


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WL SeptOct 2021LR——01.jpg
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2021 BCLNA AWARD.jpg
2021 BCLNA AWARD.jpg
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