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RPL Projects Ltd. is an award winning landscape and urban design firm based in Vancouver. Established in 2015, our firm has become renowned in Canada for our multidisciplinary approach to design, which has earned us numerous accolades over the years.

Our team of experts brings a unique East meets West aesthetic to our projects, creating a balanced and harmonious integration of private and public spaces that are grand, elegant, and refined. At RPL, we understand that landscape design is a dynamic process that involves the interaction of nature and human activity.

As designers, we see ourselves as artists, using the sun, rain, and plants, earth as our paints and our ideas as the brush to create functional exterior spaces that enhance the overall lifestyle of our clients. Our commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility is a fundamental value that guides our work. At RPL, we strive to merge aesthetics and functionality to create a healthy and sustainable living environment that meets the needs of our clients.

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Lu Xu  许璐
Principal. Landscape Architect. BCSLA. CSLA 
MLA. (University of British Columbia) 不列颠省大学. 景观硕士
Bachelor of Environmental Design (Center Academy of Fine Arts) 中央美术学院. 环境艺术

2022 - 2024 West Vancouver Design Review Committee 西温设计报批评委会员
2022 - 2024 West Vancouver Heritage Advisor Committee
2021 Wester Canada Top Designers & Architects ( Western Living Magazine) 加拿大西部顶级设计师和建筑师
2021 BC Landscape Awards of Excellence (BCLNA) BC省景观园艺协会最佳景观奖

2017-2021 Vancouver UEL ADP 温哥华UBC大学校区市政设计报批评委会员
2015-2018 Vancouver First Shaughnessy ADP  温哥华第一桑那斯市政设计报批评委会员



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BC Award Winner logo 2021.png

Sandy Guo
Site Construction Manager. 

Drawing on her profound knowledge of construction management, Sandy joined our team from a reputable development company. With a rare combination of expertise in landscape design and practical construction, Sandy is uniquely positioned to oversee construction within a specified budget and timeframe.
Her positive personality and effective communication skills enable her to work seamlessly with all parties involved, ensuring that all on-site projects are executed smoothly and on time.

Anna Liu_SQ.jpg

Anna Liu
Office Manager. 

With more than twenty years of landscape and urban design experience, Anna Liu brought her strong master plan and urban design skills to the team. Anna is highly experienced in a diverse range of large scale projects including commercial, residential, health care and education landscape design. She was previous principal of PFS in China.  Feature projects includes the waterfront design for Sherbourne Park and the Minto Group High Rise Residential Development in Toronto, and ZhuZhou Eco-City Park Master Plan and JinLu International
Landscape Design in Hunan, China.  


Alicia Li Zheng
Junior Landscape Designer.  Interior 

Alicia is an interior designer who recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 2022. With over a year of work experience in the field of interior design, she has honed her skills and is now transitioning towards her true passion for landscape design. 
She has always been fascinated by the beauty and power of nature and believes that it can be used to create harmonious and sustainable environments. With her past experiences and skills, she is excited to bring her creativity and knowledge to the world of landscape design.


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2021 BCLNA AWARD.jpg
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