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This is a landscape renovation project.  Sometime when people in the landscape renovation were thinking not spending much money as new built, the reality is opposite! As renovation project, we as landscape architect found it requires more intensive time, design and survey the  existing conditions, field coordination than a new blank white paper for new built.

The scope of work for this project started with just front yard driveway building permit application. The existing front yard does not have pedestrian access, a 20% steep slope driveway is the only access to the house. The owner family have kids and elder, they feel that is not very convenience for the family members.

We have designed a center stairs entry way with symmetric planter wall to accentuate the front garden space. All the grading design is a challenge for this project, as we have to work on the new built wall with existing steep sloped driveway grades.

Lighting plan is also played a big role this this house. In ground driveway lights give direction and highlight the driveway at night. Step lights and up lights placed carefully in the location.

After doing a great work for the front yard, we are retained by the owner again for the backyard renovation. The existing backyard is actually very typical backyard in a lot of the West Vancouver residence. There are steep slope and retaining wall with excessive ivy and wild planting on the back. Most of the homeowner rarely go to the back yard due to this kind of condition. The owner has one request though, no lawn, easy maintenance.

Our design based on the existing grading divide the back yard to two gardens. One upper deck garden with two zigzag bench to give the flex space for their kids to play. The lower covered garden is connected to the inside entertainment lounge. A fie pit and center wood bench and planter refined this outdoor entertainment patio.

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