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BlackFern Construction Ltd.

This project located at Richmond Stevenson area, with 7,200 sf land, and the family has two young kids and love to have a lot of family gatherings, entertainments and kids play area. We designed a open trellis with outdoor BBQ, fire pit surrounded with custom made bench and planters. At summer time this is the major entertainment area for the family.

The front entrance is specially designed with a "Traverse" wood boardwalk entrance for the pedestrian. There are two large beautiful maple trees at the front property, our design respected the existing trees and using "Traverse" boardwalk to eliminating roots system. Under these two large trees shade tolerant planting has been carefully selected, such as Hydrangea, Hosta, fragrant sweetbox etc. Now the front yard is like a great buffer from the busy street and give the family a great view from the house. 

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